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Air Filtration Extraction Unit

Employers have a legal obligation to ensure the quality of breathable air fed to an operator (eg. via a mask) is to a suitable standard to prevent contamination such as dust and fibres from been breathed in as they are harmful to our lungs and can cause allergic reactions. We specialise in designing and installing air filtration extraction units.

Having a quality air filtration extraction system where required is vital but any air filtration extraction system will only perform properly if the filters are regularly inspected and cleaned. These periodic assessments can easily be overlooked in today’s busy work environment and we have a cost effective solution to this problem.

We offer a comprehensive Filter Inspection Service, ensuring that your air filtration extraction system is always working at its maximum efficiency and protecting your employees from the dangers of airborne dust particles.

This service is offered on a contract basis, providing peace of mind all year round. All our service engineers are trained to P601 standard and offer a knowledgeable yet friendly professional service.

Our air filtration extraction systems provide safe, clean breathable air for your staff. Call 0114 234 1114 and speak to a member of our team who will advice you on the best air filtration extraction unit for your business.