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Extraction System Case Studies

Fumex-weld_fume_extraction_case-studies.jpg Weld Fume Extraction - Case Study (pdf)
Our client had a requirement or a weld fume extraction system for use within their maintenance department.  This needed to be flexible and efficient, both in design and use.
Wood Dust Extraction Systems Case Study - Dust Extraction (pdf)
FUMEX Ltd were delighted when our long-standing customer, contacted us to replace our original centralised vacuum unit with a new high-tech, state-of-the-art model.
Wood Dust Extraction Systems Fire Station - Case Study (pdf)
When a new Fire Station was rebuilt on the existing site in Nottingham, there was a requirement for an Exhaust Extraction System within the Appliance bay.
Wood Dust Extraction Systems Service Department - Case Study (pdf)
When a client had a requirement for an Exhaust Extraction System within it's service department, with over 30 years FUMEX experience in this yeld, had the perfect solution.
Wood Dust Extraction Systems College - Case Study (pdf)
As part of a £35m investment in its engineering workshops, the facilities at this college are now one of the best in the UK. FUMEX Ltd were proud to be awarded the contract to supply & install the Weld Fume Extraction System at this leading educational facility.
Wood Dust Extraction Systems College Extraction System (pdf)
When this College built their new educational facility it incorporated the latest state-of-the-art workshops and had a requirement for a Wood Dust Extraction System.

Downloads about our Services:

Wood Dust Extraction Systems Service Extraction Systems (pdf)
Regular servicing of any extraction system will ensure that, not only does it comply to all current COSHH Regulations, but also operates at it’s maximum efficiency.
Wood Dust Extraction Systems Extraction Unit Installation (pdf)
FUMEX is an independent company, therefore we can draw on the market for the LTD best equipment to suit any particular application and commission special sheet metal work where necessary. We have a fully trained team to ensure that everything is correct from design to P602, through to commissioning.
Wood Dust Extraction Systems Extraction System Repairs (pdf)
In the unfortunate event of a system failure, Fumex can quickly and efficiently investigate LTD the problem and source new parts when required. These are then fitted by our experienced P601 trained engineers, returning your system to its full working order
Wood Dust Extraction Systems Online Certification (pdf)
Our custom designed software enables FUMEX to oer a unique service to all of their customers. This service allows you to access all of your COSHH documentation online, 24 hours a day, eliminating any possibility of lost or misplaced certificates. Via a secure login, all documents can be viewed and printed at anytime.
Wood Dust Extraction Systems COSHH Testing (pdf)
Many companies are still unaware of the need to comply to current COSHH (Control of Substances Harmful to Health) regulations. They may feel that they simply do not need to, or have the time to implement such a system. FUMEX specialise in the testing and certifiying of all types of LEV by engineers trained to P601.
Wood Dust Extraction Systems Breathing Air Quality Testing (pdf)
Employers have a legal obligation to ensure the quality of breathable air fed to an operator (eg. via a mask) is to a suitable standard. Fumex offer a comprehensive testing service throughout the UK to a wide range of Industries by our fully trained to P601 standard engineers.
Wood Dust Extraction Systems Smoke Clearance Testing (pdf)
HSE 261 recommends that a smoke clearance test is included in the periodic thorough maintenance examination of any spray booth. Using large professional smoke machines, FUMEX Ltd can carry out the test quickly and efficiently, then supply you with certifcates for display on all booth entrances.
Wood Dust Extraction Systems Services to Educational Facilities (pdf)
From a single COSHH Test to the installation of an entire workshop extraction system, FUMEX have the answer. We design, install and commission a vast range of extraction systems all designed to meet your individual requirements.
Wood Dust Extraction Systems Filter Servicing (pdf)
Any dust extraction system will only perform properly if the filters are regularly inspected and cleaned. These periodic assessments can easily be overlooked in today’s busy work environment and FUMEX has a cost effective solution to this problem.

Downloads about our Products:

Weld Fume Extraction Systems Weld Fume Extraction Systems (pdf)
The mixture of airborne particles and hot gasses produced by the welding process make them particularly dangerous, but they can be safely captured before they are inhaled by the operator with any one of our weld fume extraction arms.

Mobile Weld Fume Filtration Unit (pdf)

The MF-Mobile Weld Fume Extraction Unit is designed to capture welding fumes at source.
Wood Dust Extraction Systems Wood Dust Extraction Systems (pdf)
With our wide range of Wood Dust Extraction Systems, together with our dedicated LEV testing engineers, FUMEX has a cost effective solution to all of your extraction requirements.
Wood Dust Extraction Systems Rail System Extraction (pdf)
Our Rail System offers both flexibility and efficiency by design. Servicing all types of workshops, from cars and light commercials to the largest machinery, including military and train locomotives, the Rail System is adaptable to all requirements.
Wood Dust Extraction Systems Spring Balancer (pdf)
Our Spring Balance Systems are both simple and safe to operate, yet a highly cost effective solution, to exhaust fume extraction for either car, motorcycle or commercial vehicles.
Wood Dust Extraction Systems Mini Extraction Arms (pdf)
Our simple and easy to use Mini Extraction Arms are ideal to capture at source most types of airborne contaminants. Where great flexibility is required, this is the perfect solution for many applications.
Wood Dust Extraction Systems Downdraught Benches (pdf)
FUMEX supply, install and service a wide range of Downdraught benches, all designed and manufactured here in the UK, to ensure the highest quality and to give the best performance.
Wood Dust Extraction Systems HT Hoses & Couplings (pdf)
We have a wide range of hoses and couplings
Wood Dust Extraction Systems Specialist Nozzles (pdf)
We also supply a range of Specialist Nozzles for specific applications including, Steel Nozzles for car and commercial vehicles, fully adjustable Free Standing Funnels and a Universal Nozzle that locks inside the exhaust.
Wood Dust Extraction Systems Eazi-fit Nozzles (pdf)
With many car manufactures designing vehicles with ‘built-in’ tailpipes, trying to find the right fume extraction nozzle is becoming increasingly dicult, not to say expensive. FUMEX have the solution, the Eazi-fit nozzle is designed to be just that, easy to fit, easy to remove and can t a wide range of models.
Wood Dust Extraction Systems Rubber Nozzles (pdf)
FUMEX can supply a complete range of high quality Rubber Nozzles for all types LTD of vehicle, from motorcycles, cars, vans to the largest commercial application. Please call us to discuss your requirements.
Wood Dust Extraction Systems Stack Discharge Cowls (pdf)
The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) booklet HSG 258 now specifies in section 226:- Avoid rain caps or other devices that reduce upward vertical velocity. NEVER use the ‘Chinese hat’ or other devices that direct the discharge downward.

With over 25 years of experience, we are the leading industry experts.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive UK testing service for systems we either have or have not installed, which will help your company to comply with the relevant health & safety legislation.

Please call us on 0114 234 1114 for full details or send us your enquiry.