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Engine Regeneration Testing - Diesel Regeneration (DPF)

During the ‘regeneration’ process, exhaust emissions can reach in excess of 600oC. At these very high temperatures, standard extraction equipment can easily melt.

Our Free-Standing Nozzles, together with our high temperature hosing, ensures that these very hot gases are safely extracted to the atmosphere.

We can supply short or complete lengths of high temperature hosing for single exhaust applications, or our high temperature twin assembly for twin exhaust applications. With the need to carry out DPF maintenance increasingly often, having the correct exhaust fume extraction is now a necessity, rather than a luxury, to stay within today’s strict regulations.

FUMEX Ltd can provide a safe and cost effective solution to this problem, ensuring your workshop and technicians are not exposed to these harmful emissions.

Engine Regeneration Testing

     Engine Regeneration Testing

Engine Regeneration Testing 3

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 Engine Regeneration Testing