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Fans for Fume Extraction

FUMEX's fume extraction fans maintain a safe working environment, controlling and containing potential hazardous air. Particles, fumes or odours produced into the air may call for corrosion resistant air handling products to capture and exhaust these harsh airstreams directly from the source.  FUMEX's fume extraction fans maintain a safe environment.

Since the introduction of the Health and Safety at Work Act, attention has also been paid to the effects of fumes arising from welding process. FUMEX’s fume extraction fans have been used extensively in the area of weld fume extraction. 

Fans for Fume Extraction

We have a wide range of high quaility fans - call 0114 234 1114 and speak to our team who will be happy to help cover all of your extraction requirements.

Fan for Fume Extraction  Fan for Fume Extraction