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Commercial Vehicle Exhaust Fume Extraction

FUMEX Ltd offers a complete line of commercial vehicle extraction and exhaust fume products for every budget and need, ranging from economical hose drop systems to more user friendly and impressive system options such as spring return hose reels, motorized hose reels and sliding suction rails.

However; FUMEX Ltd offers much more than just commercial vehicle exhaust drops, reels or rails, we offer complete system solutions. FUMEX Ltd will properly engineer, install and commission the entire system for you from the drops, reels or rails to the ducting and right back to the exhaust fan.

The manually operated Hose Reel is spring recoiled and its hose and nozzle hang at a convenient height above the operators head. After use, manually disconnect the nozzle, give the hose a pull and the reel will recoil the hose.

Commercial Vehicle Exhaust Fume Extraction

When needed for use, the operator grasps the nozzle and simply pulls out the required length of hose before connecting it to the vehicles exhaust pipe. An extensive range of reels and hoses are available hose diameters range from 4"-  5" & 6".

Our Rail System offers both flexibility and efficiency by design. Servicing all types of workshops, from cars and light commercials to the largest machinery, including military and train locomotives, the Rail System is adaptable to all requirements.

The ability to serve multiple bays/machines along the full length of the workshop, makes this system highly cost effective.

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