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Plant & Equipment Exhaust Fume Extraction

Fumex Ltd Exhaust Hose Drops are designed for the extraction of Generators, Mowers and Horticultural exhaust gases at the tailpipe, which are emitted inside buildings. Our hose drops are designed for facilities such as vehicle service garages and vehicle storage garages as well as hard to reach areas for many other types of fumes and gases.

Fumex Ltd exhaust hose drops can handle various sized hoses (3”, 4”, 6” and even 8” hose) and hose temperature ratings as high as 1000 degree depending on the vehicle exhaust application.

The Fumex Ltd exhaust hose is supported by a rubber hose saddle that is attached to a spring return ratchet locked balancer.

We also offer an extremely economical solution to vehicle exhaust with a rope and pulley method of retracting the hose up off the ground.

The inlet end of the flexible hose may be equipped with different types of nozzles that adapt to.

 Exhaust Extraction