Centralised Weld Fume Extraction Systems (2000m3/h – 20,000m3/h)

Fumex Ltd supply a range of centralised systems to the welding industry. Our Centra-Flex filter is designed for welding fume and grinding dust (not explosive dust).

Centra-Flex has vertical cartridge configuration for optimized filtration and cleaning. The dust particles fall vertically into the dust container when the cartridges are mounted vertically. By horizontally mounting the filter cartridges, dust will build up on the top side and decrease the filtration area of the cartridge.

The filter cartridges are just 200mm diameter each to optimize the compressed air cleaning. They are mounted vertically on trays with 4 cartridges on each tray. The tray is fixed with an expander and can easily be released and pulled out horizontally. The normal lifetime of the filter cartridges is several years.

The compressed air cleaning is controlled by a programmable unit. Cleaning takes place during operation when a pre-set pressure drop is reached and will stop when a pre-set lower pressure drop is reached. One or more cleaning cycles are automatically carried out after the filter is switched off.

The dust container is equipped with 125mm wheels. A handle makes it possible to move the container without needing to bend down. A plastic bag can be put in the container for easy and safe disposal of the dust.


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