WF Eco - Wall Mounted Filtration Unit with Jet-Pulse Cleaning

Supplied with a 3m flexi extraction arm, the WF-Eco is a wall mounted filtration unit designed to capture weld fume/light grinding dust at source. The self-contained unit is attached to the wall, simply connect a power supply and compressed air (for JET-Pulse cleaning) and its ready for use.

Featuring our Jet-Pulse Cleaning System provides quick and easy cleaning of the internal cartridge filter (when connected to a compressed air supply) and greatly increases the life of this filter by up to 100 times. To protect the filter from sparks, a spark deflection plate is also included. Fumex Ltd recommend cleaning the dust tray before and after the cleaning cycle to maximise the cleaning process.

The WF-Eco is available in both 110V and 240V and extracts approximately 1000m3/h through the hood. Optional extras include, a silencer and adaptor to fit a HEPA filter.

Please contact us for further details on the WF-Eco.

NB. The WF-Eco is now manufactured in white with a grey extraction arm, not in blue as pictured.


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