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Smoke Clearance Testing

HSE 261 recommends that a smoke clearance test is included in the periodic thorough maintenance examination of any spray booth.

Using large professional smoke machines, FUMEX Ltd can carry out the smoke clearance test quickly and efficiently, then supply you with certificates for display on all booth entrances.

What is the process?

Smoke Clearance Testing        Smoke Clearance Testing 2

Smoke Clearance Testing 23        Smoke Clearance Testing 4

Smoke Clearance Testing 5        Smoke Clearance Testing 6

Smoke Clearance Testing 7        Smoke Clearance Testing 8






The Smoke Testing Process:

  1. Extraction off - Lights on
  2. Smoke machine on
  3. 2 minutes...
  4. Smoke machine off - White out
  5. Start extraction & timer
  6. Inspect seals & ducting for leakage
  7. Smoke clear - Test complete
  8. Certificate for display

 Smoke Clearance Testing