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Specialist Nozzles

We also supply a range of Specialist Nozzles for specific applications including, Steel Nozzles for car and commercial vehicles, fully adjustable Free Standing Funnels and a Universal Nozzle that locks inside the exhaust.

This allows fitment to many vehicles which would be unable to attach a standard nozzle eg. Where it exhaust exits within the bodywork.

Trying to find the right fume extraction nozzle is now virtually impossible, not to say, very expensive so we've introduced the new and innovative Free-Standing Twin. This easy to manoeuvre and adaptable fume extraction nozzle is suitable for a wide range different hose diameters.

Please call us to on 0114 234 1114 to discuss your requirements.

Free Standing Twin - Ramp High   Free-standing_nozzles.jpg   Fumex Free Standing Twin 


Free Standing Tray       


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